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Election of First Board of Directors

Congratulations to the newly elected board of directors — President Weldon Merritt, PRP; Vice President Evan Lemoine, PRP; Secretary Beth Sapp James, PRP; and Treasurer Amber Slaughter. These individuals were elected at the first-ever EAP meeting since being organized by representatives of each of the four EAP-affiliated units.

3 thoughts on “Election of First Board of Directors

  • Kim-See Teo

    Congratulations to Charter President Weldon Merritt, PRP and his Team of 4 elected of top officials on EAP, the world’s first Electronic Association of Parliamentarians, and history was made today out of that inaugural meeting, with call-ins from around the world. (Fancy feeling that your were in your early evening of Thursday and some of us were already greeting the early morning of your next day!) The first 43 members of EAP witnessed the simple yet procedural formality of elections process that went on without a hitch on voice-based connectivity.


    • Evan Lemoine

      Thank you! It was a great meeting and awesome to have international participation. Thanks for being part of our history.

  • Weldon Merritt

    Thank you, Kim-See. And my appreciation as well to all others who participated in the meeting. I am truly honored to have been elected as the charter president of the first ever electronic association to be chartered by NAP, and I look forward to continuing with our exploration of how to use electronic technology to make meetings more accessible to members around the world.

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