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Special Rules for Special Meeting

The president pro tem and secretary pro tem have drafted meeting rules for the purpose of our first meeting.

You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with these rules prior to the meeting. For additional questions or concerns, contact Weldon Merritt, PRP.

Special Rules of Order for October 19, 2017 Special Meeting

  1. The meeting will be conducted using
  2. To ensure that the meeting is limited to EAP members, all persons wishing to participate,
    regardless of their unit membership status, must complete and submit the membership
    application and meeting registration forms specified in the Call to Meeting. Specific call-in
    instructions will be sent only to those who have completed and submitted the applicable forms,
    and whose NAP membership has been verified by the secretary pro tem.
  3. The president pro tem and the secretary pro tem will log in as hosts. All other participants will
    log in as regular participants.
  4. All participants except for the hosts will be muted at the beginning of the meeting. Participants
    who wish to be recognized may unmute themselves by pressing *6. Unmuted participants will
    be recognized in the order in which they appear on the hosts’ screen, except than any
    participant who wishes to make an interrupting motion may do so by stating his or her name,
    and the word “interrupting.”
  5. Nominations for the offices will be taken in the order in which they are listed in the bylaws, in
    the following manner:
    a. When the chair calls for numerations for each office, the secretary pro tem will read the names of all members, if any, who have submitted their names for nomination to that office. All such members will be deemed to be nominated for that office.
    b. The chair will then call for additional nominations from the floor. Any member who wishes to nominate a candidate will then unmute his or her microphone and, when recognized, make the nomination.
    c. Once there are no more nominations for an office, the chair will declare nominations for that office closed.
  6. For any office for which there is only one nominee, the chair will declare that nominee elected. For offices for which there are two or more nominees, election will be by ballot, with the secretary pro tem to provide the instructions for conduct of the vote.
  7. Since the only business in order at the special meeting is the election of permanent officers, once the elections have been completed, the meeting will be adjourned.

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