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New RP credentialing system for 8/1/2019

From: Thomas Joseph Balch
To: NAP President et al
Sent: Monday, June 10, 2019
Subject: Credentialing Commission resolution setting new RP credentialing system for 8/1/2019

On Saturday, June 8, 2019 the Credentialing Commission adopted the attached resolution entitled the “New RP Credentialing System Implementation Resolution.”  In accordance with the NAP Bylaws, this resolution formally establishes implementation of the new RP credentialing process, setting the date of implementation, grandfathering clauses, and how the new credentialing process affects attaining or retaining the PRP credential. 

Very truly yours,
Thomas (Burke) J. Balch, J.D., PRP
Chair, National Association of Parliamentarians Commission on Credentialing

Professional Registered Parliamentarian
Thomas Balch Parliamentarian


New RP Credentialing System Implementation Resolution

Whereas, Proviso 3 of Article X of the National Association of Parliamentarians Bylaws provides, “Implementation of the commission’s determinations regarding the professional credentials to be offered by NAP and the criteria for obtaining them, as well as the authority of the commission to rule on appeals arising from the credentialing process, shall occur in accordance with a date or dates set by vote of the Commission on Credentialing”; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the National Association of Parliamentarians Commission on Credentialing

  1. That the new credentialing system for Registered Parliamentarians (RPs) will begin implementation on August 1, 2019.
  2. Accordingly, any regular member wishing to become an RP who has not successfully completed at least two parts other than the Research part of the Registered Parliamentarian examination in effect heretofore by midnight local time on July 31, 2019 will be required to apply for RP credentialing under the new system. Those who have completed at least the requisite two parts of the old examination will have the options of continuing to pursue RP credentialing under the rules heretofore in effect or of starting anew by applying under the new system. The Membership and Registration Examiners Committee shall retain full jurisdiction and authority over the administration of the old RP examination for such individuals after July 31, 2019.
  3. Anyone ultimately accredited as an RP under the new system who wishes to go on to become credentialed as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP) will need to do so under the new system, implementation of which is expected to be two years or more in the future. Anyone who has been or will become accredited as an RP under the old system may attain PRP status under the current PRP system until the end of a significant grace period, yet to be set by the Commission but intended to be no less than about two years, that will commence when the new PRP system is implemented.
  4. Since the Commission is not instituting a change in the requirements for retaining RP status, the Professional Development Committee shall retain full authority over that process after July 31, 2019, authority which shall apply to RPs credentialed under the new system as well as the old until any further action by the Commission.

    Adopted June 8, 2019.

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