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RP Credentialing Updates

While there were some updates previously communicated about the RP examination, the following information is also pertinent.

“At the 2019 Convention, the delegates adopted a resolution making recommendations to the Commission on Credentialing regarding the new RP credentialing system that had been declared implemented on August 1, 2019. While under the NAP bylaws the recommendations are not binding on the Commission, the Commission seriously considered those recommendations. The Commission at its post-convention meeting voted to reinstate the previous 1200 question-based RP examination. However, the Commission will continue to administer the new credentialing system to RP candidates, recognizing that new credentialing system is still in the testing process while allowing the existing Beta Testers to continue. RP candidates applying on or after August 1, 2019, to the new system will test it but, unlike the Beta Testers, will be required to pay the $150 application fee established by the Board of Directors for the new system. Details and answers to questions on this development are available here.”

National Association of Parliamentarians

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