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3rd Annual Meeting | Tools of the Trade: Making Technology Work for You

Join fellow parliamentarians online for the weekend, April 3-4, 2020, at the Electronic Association of Parliamentarians 3rd Annual Meeting and Educational Conference. Staying connected has never been easier. Our theme this year focuses on the electronic tools that make Parliamentarians well received and efficient.

The deadline for BYLAW AMENDMENT submissions has passed, on February 3rd. Amendments were to be submitted to the EAP Bylaws and Rules Committee for consideration at EAP’s 3rd Annual Meeting and Education Conference. Proposed amendments were received the Bylaws and Rules Committee Chair.

We have a great line up of workshop presenters, their topics to be announced (check back to this page often):

  • Ann Guiberson, PRP
  • Tim Wynn, PRP
  • David Whitaker, PRP and Tamara Harris, PRP
  • Michael Peck, PRP

The board of directors is busy, dotting I’s” and crossing T’s on both the bylaws amendment proposal and annual meeting schedule. Email will be coming soon, so check those messages from EAP for details!

Make sure you enjoy a fantastic conference by doing Four Easy Things:

  • Ensure your dues are paid and current.
  • Clear your schedule for a great time!
    • Saturday, April 4, 2020 10:30AM – 3:45PM Central Std Time
    • Friday, April 3, 2020 6:15PM – 8:15PM Central Std Time
    • Be one of the first to register (Go to Registration Page on or after February 27, 2020)
  • Look out for our announcement emails and get ready for an exciting session at the Annual Meeting!

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