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Courtesy Resolution Adopted

Courtesy Resolution Adopted

At the third EAP Annual Meeting & Educational Conference, the membership adopted the following courtesy resolution in appreciation of everyone’s participation in making this event a success.

Whereas, The Electronic Association of Parliamentarians (EAP) held its third Annual Meeting & Educational Conference on April 3-4, 2020;

Whereas, The EAP Board of Directors, Education Committee, and Technology Support Special Committee have spent significant time and effort in organizing and executing the details of this meeting and conference; and

Whereas, President Evan Lemoine, PRP; has demonstrated excellent presiding skills in guiding the assembly through its business; and

Whereas, The Technology Support Special Committee ensured that all communications sent to members were timely and members could easily register for this meeting; and

Whereas, The Bylaws and Rules Committee diligently reviewed the proposed bylaw amendments, organized them, and recommended for or against their adoption; and

Whereas, The Education Committee planned and coordinated a high caliber educational program; and

Whereas, Timothy Wynn, PRP; Ann Guiberson, PRP; David Whitaker, PRP; Tamara Harris, PRP; and Michael Peck, PRP all presented excellent educational workshops that were engaging and helped members learn Tools of the Trade: Making Technology Work for You; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Electronic Association of Parliamentarians sincerely thanks all of the committees and persons for their help in making this annual meeting a great success;

Resolved, That the EAP Secretary is directed to provide the aforementioned persons and committees with electronic copies of this resolution as a record of our appreciation; and

Resolved, That the EAP Chief Webmaster is directed to publish a copy of this resolution on the EAP website.

Adopted unanimously April 4, 2020

Evan Lemoine, PRP
EAP President

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