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Recap of the 2020 Annual Business Meeting

Recap of the 2020 Annual Business Meeting

The 2020 Annual Business Meeting was held on April 4, 2020 as part of our third educational conference. We wanted to highlight the actions adopted in this meeting. The official minutes are posted to our member’s only section.

Actions we took at the annual meeting include:

  1. Approved the annual meeting agenda and special rules of order.
  2. Appointed a minutes approval committee consisting of Beverly Przybylski, PRP; Beverly Tatham, PRP; and Don Freese, PRP-R.
  3. Heard a national update from NAP Parliamentarian Tim Wynn, PRP an association update from EAP President Evan Lemoine, PRP, and a treasurer’s report from EAP Treasurer David Whitaker, PRP.
  4. Elected a nominating committee consisting of Kendra O’Toole, PRP; Traci Bransford-Marquis, RP; and Leah Patrice Nolan.
  5. Adopted amendments #1-6.
  6. Adopted amendment #7 with an amendment to change “EAP President” to”EAP Board of Directors” in section 5.
  7. Authorized the secretary “to correct article and section designations, punctuation, and cross-references and to make such other technical and conforming changes as may be necessary to reflect the intent of EAP in connection with the EAP Bylaws and the EAP Standing Rules.”
  8. Adopted an amendment to add the heading “Social Event” to Standing Rule #7
  9. Adopted a courtesy resolution.

Note: This does not constitute an official record of the actions taken by EAP.

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