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Courtesy Resolution Adopted

Courtesy Resolution Adopted

At April 2, 2022, annual meeting, the membership adopted the following courtesy resolution. As instructed in the resolution, a copy is available for members and the public.

Whereas, The Electronic Association of Parliamentarians (EAP) held its fifth Annual Meeting &
Educational Conference on April 1-2, 2022;

Whereas, The EAP Board of Directors and Technology Committee worked diligently to ensure
members were able to attend and participate as the Association’s business was handled efficiently and

Whereas, President Elizabeth Sapp James, PRP has demonstrated excellent presiding skills in guiding
the assembly through its business;

Whereas, The Secretary with the support of the Technology Committee ensured that all
communications sent to members were timely and members could easily register for this meeting;

Whereas, The Education Committee and session instructors Traci Bransford-Marquis, PRP; Allison
David, PRP; Carl Nohr, PRP; Lee Woodward, PRP, CP; and Timothy Wynn, PRP, sought to provide
quality educational opportunities to the EAP membership on the theme of Stop, Go, Yield;

Whereas, The Bylaws and Rules Committee diligently reviewed the EAP governing documents and
proposed amendments, and prepared them for presentation and consideration; and,

Whereas, The National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) Representative, President Wanda Sims,
PRP, CP, provided a comprehensive update on the state of NAP; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Electronic Association of Parliamentarians sincerely thanks all of the committees, e-Unit presidents, and persons for their help in making this annual meeting a great success;

Resolved, That the Electronic Association of Parliamentarians extends its sincere appreciation for
countless volunteer hours and leadership over the last year of the 2021-22 EAP Board of Directors who
tirelessly worked to make the association stronger;

Resolved, That the EAP Secretary is directed to provide the aforementioned persons and committees
with electronic copies of this resolution as a record of our appreciation; and

Resolved, That the Technology Committee is directed to publish a copy of this resolution on the EAP

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