Standing Rules

The standing rules below have been adopted by the EAP membership. Standing rules are administrative in nature and provide clarity on the operation of EAP.

  1. Dues.
    A. Full annual dues are $12.00 annually, with all other dues amounts adjusted as provided in the bylaws. The adjusted amounts are as listed in the following table:
Month JoinedPrimary/Affiliate MembersStudent/Provisional Members
April$  9.00$4.50
May$  8.00$4.00
June$  7.00$3.50
July$  6.00$3.00
August$  5.00$2.50
September$  4.00$2.00
*Includes dues for the following year

B. A primary member who paid EAP dues to NAP and also paid dues directly to EAP while classified as an affiliate or provisional may request a refund to the board of directors within 90 days of this classification change. No refund will be issued for less than $3.00.

  1. Duties of Officers. The officers will perform the following duties in addition to those specified in the parliamentary authority and in the bylaws, or ordered by the board of directors.
    1. President. The president will:
      1. nominate members for the following positions, subject to confirmation by the board of directors, for terms concurrent with that of the president;
        1. the chairmen and members of all committees;
        2. a parliamentarian; and
        3. a webmaster and one or more assistant webmasters.
      2. approve vouchers in writing for authorized expenses, and forward the approved vouchers to the treasurer for payment, provided that any voucher for payment to the President must be approved by the EAP Vice President;
      3. sign all contracts and EAP unit charter applications as approved by the board of directors;
      4. have authority to authorize disbursement of EAP funds; and
      5. turn over all records and materials pertaining to the president to the new president within thirty days after leaving office.
    2. Vice President. The vice president will:
      1. assist in the organization of new units;
      2. coordinate with units to develop and implement plans for promoting membership; and,
      3. turn over all records and materials pertaining to the vice president to the new vice president within thirty days after leaving office.
    3. Secretary. The secretary will:
      1. provide all notices to the membership required by the bylaws or these standing rules;
      2. provide copies of the draft minutes of each membership meeting, and any board meeting at which a minutes approval committee is appointed, to the appropriate minutes approval committee within fifteen days after adjournment of the meeting;
      3. provide copies of all approved minutes to each member of the board of directors within fifteen days after the minutes have been approved by the minutes approval committee;
      4. submit a list of newly elected officers to NAP within thirty days after the election;
      5. submit the name of any officer appointed to fill a vacancy (or, in the case of the president, automatically filling the vacancy) to NAP within thirty days after filling of the vacancy;
      6. submit a copy of the amended bylaws to NAP within thirty days after adoption of any amendment; and
      7. turn over all records and materials pertaining to the secretary to the new secretary within thirty days after leaving office.
    4. Treasurer. The treasurer will:
      1. open and maintain a checking account with preference to a no-fee account;
      2. provide the president with online access to any EAP banking account;
      3. promptly pay all vouchers as approved by the president; in the event the President also assumes the duties of the Treasurer, vouchers will be approved in writing by another elected EAP officer;
      4. prepare a proposed budget for the next fiscal year and submit it to the board of directors at least one week prior to the last regular board meeting of each fiscal year;
      5. submit a financial report at each annual meeting and at each board meeting;
      6. submit all financial records to the financial review committee within thirty days after the close of the fiscal year, and within thirty days after leaving office;
      7. file all tax returns and other financial reports that may be required by applicable local, state, or federal law;
      8. have check-writing authority for any EAP checking account; and
      9. turn over all records and materials pertaining to the treasurer, except for those turned over to the financial review committee, to the new treasurer within thirty days after leaving office.
  2. Annual Meeting. The board of directors will notify all members of the impending annual meeting at least ninety days in advance of the meeting date. Registration details need not be provided at the time of this notification, but are to be provided with the meeting notice required in the bylaws.
  3. Standing Committees.
    1. Bylaws and Rules. The bylaws and rules committee will:
      1. submit proposed amendments, including proposed revisions when applicable, to the secretary, for inclusion in the call to meeting, at least 45 days before the meeting at which they are to be considered;
      2. present all timely proposed amendments to the EAP governing documents, together with the committee’s recommendation if any, to the annual meeting; and
      3. prepare revisions to the EAP governing documents when authorized by the previous annual meeting.
    2. Education. The education committee will:
      1. coordinate the educational sessions for the annual meeting;
      2. select any applicable meeting theme;
      3. recommend an annual meeting date to the board of directors at least 120 days prior to the proposed date; and,
      4. develop any additional educational programming.
    3. Technology. The technology committee will:
      1. consist of the webmaster, assistant webmasters, and any additional members appointed;
      2. manage the EAP website and any membership management system;
      3. maintain the mail list distribution system;
      4. administer any social media platforms used; and,
      5. recommend, coordinate, and manage the annual meeting technology to be approved by the EAP Board of Directors.
  4. Financial. The board of directors will appoint a financial review committee prior to the close of each fiscal year, and upon any change of treasurers. The committee will review EAP’s financial records for accuracy and compliance with good accounting practice, and submit its report to the board of directors within sixty days after the close of the fiscal year or any change in treasurers.
  5. Website. EAP will develop and maintain an official website. The website will include both a public area, accessible by anyone with an internet connection, and a members-only area, accessible only by those to whom access is specifically granted.
  6. Social Event. A social event for EAP members and guests will be scheduled during each NAP Biennial Convention. The Board of Directors will be responsible for determining the date, time, and location, and ensuring the notification of EAP members of such information by email and, if a convention message board is provided, by posting a notice on that board.

Adopted | July 25, 2017
Amended | March 24, 2018
Amended | March 22, 2019
Amended | April 4, 2020
Amended | April 17, 2021
Amended | April 2, 2022
(No amendments at 2023 annual meeting.)