Meeting Agenda

Fifth Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday, April 2, 2022
10:30 AM Central Time

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Call to Order/Determination of QuorumPresident Beth S. James, PRP
Adoption of Agenda
Annual Meeting Special Rules of OrderWeldon Merritt, PRP-R
Roberta Berry, RP
Appointment of Minutes Approval Committee
Greetings and Update from NAP (FRIDAY EVENING)NAP President Wanda Sims, PRP
Reports of Officers, Board of Directors, Committees, and Units
Special Orders – Election of Treasurer, Nomination Committee
Consideration of Proposed Amendments to EAP Governing DocumentsBrenda P. Kennedy, PRP
New Business
11:30 AM – Special Orders – Recess Until 2:25 PM
Courtesy ResolutionKaren Cole, PRP