Who Can Join?

Membership in the association is open to all interested in electronic meetings and furthering the goals of the association. EAP, as a constituent division of the National Association of Parliamentarians, primarily consists of NAP members; however, if you’re interested in completing the membership exam, we welcome you to EAP.

EAP has the following membership categories:

  • If you are affiliated with one of our seven e-units, your membership is classified as either:
    • Primary –  Primary members of EAP are NAP members who designate EAP as their association of primary membership at the time the member’s NAP dues are paid, or at any subsequent time when the member notifies NAP of a change in primary membership. You designated EAP as your primary association if your primary unit is either the eNAP Unit, E-Grant Unit, Grapevine Parliamentary Electronic Unit (GPEU), Green Gavel Electronic Unit (GGEU), Marian J. Martin Blue & Gold Electronic Unit (MJM E-Unit), or Young Professionals in Parliamentary Practice Unit (YP3U).
    • Affiliate – Affiliate members of EAP are NAP members who are primary members of another unit and association. For most, this would be your state/province/territory association. If you’re an affiliate member of an EAP-affiliated unit, you must also be an affiliate member of EAP.
    • Provisional – If you are a provisional of an e-unit, you can also apply to be a provisional of EAP. While the association welcomes provisionals who don’t affiliate with a unit, such an affiliation is highly recommended to prepare you for the NAP membership exam.
  • If you are not affiliated with any EAP-affiliated unit, your membership is considered to be Member-at-Large